Apr 17, 2009

Money Saving Tips

some easy ways to save

change all your electric bulbs to energy saving ones - i cut my bill in half doing this!

Trade things you don't want with friends, neighbors, relatives.

Become a "brown bagger". Take your lunch to work instead of buying it.

Shop at discount stores - why pay the full price for the same thing? Second hand shops also have some great bargains - i bought a Coach purse for $25.00 - it was almost new!

Paper towels are expensive. Use washable cloth dish towels instead.

Save empty plastic food containers for storing leftovers & freezer use.

Don't buy expensive gifts. Give exotic home grown plants or bake a cake.

Organize a baby-sitting club with friends & neighbors. Take turns.

Think in terms of doing it yourself rather than hiring someone to do it, such as home repairs, painting, garden work, cutting the lawn, etc.

Swap services with friends and neighbors who can do things you can't.

Avoid spending on "throwaway" items such as disposable razors, flashlights, pens, toothbrushes, paper cups & plates, diapers, cigarette lighters, etc.

Pay credit card charges when they become due so interest isn't added.

When buying big-ticket items, learn all about them from consumer magazines.

Garage sales and flea markets are excellent for both selling and buying.

When buying insurance, pay the premium annually. It's less expensive in the long run than paying monthly, quarterly or even semi-annually.

Check all monthly bills closely, including your bank balance. Big companies can and do make mistakes.

Examine your check at restaurants to make sure no error has been make.

Buy things out of season for big savings, such as after Christmas.

Coffee is expensive. Brew only as much as your family will drink.
Bread becomes stale more quickly in the refrigerator. Store it at room temperature or in the freezer.

Instead of buying house plants, get cuttings from friends.

Before buying anything new, ask yourself if you really need it.

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