Apr 18, 2009

handknitted baby hats

Most of the patterns i have found ask for circular needles - which for some reason i rarely use...so i have adapated a couple of patterns and turned up with this one.

I used a Dk type of yarn an 4.5mm needles (not too sure of the US conversion!)
Cast on 160 sts and knit 4 rows all in knit - this is for the little frilled edge.

next row K2tog to end up with 80 sts.

Thats the basis of the hat.

After 8 rows of K and P i got bored so i added some eyelets (k 4 k2 together, yarn over needle knit 4 etc but you can omit this or add your own designs)

I digress..

after about 22 rows or 2 1/2 " its time to start decreasing


K8, k2 together till end

next row and all wrong side rows purl

k7, k2 together..till end

K6 2 tog till end

you get the idea....

When you have4, 5 stitches left STOP!

these will form the littel cord on top that you can tie, leave loose, stick a pom pom on...whatever!

Now you have to knit a cord.

Change to double pointed needles:

knit one row. Do not turn the work.

Slide the stitches to the other end of the DPN without turning the work.
Knit a second row by bringing the yarn behind the work and starting with the first stitch. Tug the work from the bottom after each first stitch to help it to take shape and to even out the tension.

Repeat until you get the length required...
once you get the hand of its its real fun!!!.
If anyone tries this oh so simple hat id love so see the results!


Momwithahook said...

that is really lovely. I'll need to try that out. I learned to knit on circulars but double pointed needles scare me for some reason. I really like the simplicity of the hat. You did a super job.

Louise said...

Id love to see a picture when you make one!

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