Jun 10, 2009

Throw away or keep?

My sister's closet is full of clothes....some bought over 20 years ago..that have come back into fashion! To part with anything kills her!

Result- she rarely buys anything new...her closet is too full!!

Me? I throw stuff away about four times a year - my local goodwill houses most of my clothes. If I lose or gain weight, out with the old and in with the new. I have discovered a great 'recycled' clothing shop where i buy designer items for a fraction of the cost - and sometimes they still have tags on!

PLUS- i always have clothes that fit and can afford quality I would otherwise not be able too.

Who is doing the right thing? I'd love to know what you all (y'all) think!!!


Melissa said...

I don't know the answer! My sister is just like yours - her closet is SICK with clothes! Mine is bare bones most times becuase I get rid of everything. I like to think I'm right but...who know?

Louise said...

hehehhe lets say we are BOTH right melissa..or maybe the sisters are...or maybe..i dunno!!

eugenie said...

A tidy closet is like a tidy mind, fresh and open to compare and contrast !!!!
Recycling is the way to go. One man's meat is another's poison, they say.
So what does not fit you might fit me and vice verdsa LOL>

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