Jun 19, 2009

Look like a millionaire.....whilst living on pennies

Looking (and seeming) well off is more of a way of life than due to your bank account.

If you can give the impression of being rich and classy - people actually believe it!

However i need to emphasise my definition of CLASS. Unlike popular belief, class is not something that can be bought - it is a way of behaviour, a certain respect for others and yourself that is only acquired through upbringing or, in some rare exceptions, by re-invention. Money has NOTHING to do with class.
A classy person always does some research on the people he/she will be meeting or socializing with. (the Queen DOES NOT LIKE to be touched - its breaking protocol! And do not try to shake hands with a Japanese dignitary - that's also a no no! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!)
Do not chew gum - at least not in public

So having established that - lets move on to looking rich.

Classic clothes always beat the latest fashions which, unless you are exceptionally good looking and slim, can rarely seem classy - they are, after all, a fleeting moment in fashion.

The must have little black dress, a string of pearls (they don't have to be real but must not look fake so read up on colour and size), skirts no shorter than 3" above the knees, leather shoes or pumps (better have a few leather shoes than many plastic ones!) all these items are a good start.

Look for bargains at second hand stores - I bought a cashmere sweater for $10.00 and a Versace black dress for $25.00 as well a some Max Mara tops for a few dollars.

Clothes don't have to be new, they just have to be good quality.

Short skirts and most sleeveless tops can be a disaster unless you have perfect legs and arms. If you have a big ass DON'T wear pants. If you have big boobs DON'T show them off with a low cut top...that's just trashy!!

Don't go overboard with jewelry - less is definitely more in this case. If you have a great pair of earrings don't wear loads of necklaces - stick to a ring or two to space the distance.

If you have a great bracelet, do not wear an overpowering ring.

And, diamonds are still a girls best friend but cost a pretty penny! buy cubic zircona instead - as long as you don't go over 1 carat, zircona will look like diamonds to everyone except the most discerning. If you go for a mega stone - then your charade may fall flat!
On the beach, unless you are under 35 or have an exceptional figure wear a one piece. Nothing looks more ridiculous than mutton dressed as lamb!

DO NOT TALK ABOUT MONEY - or ask people how much they earn -that's the epitome of bad manners. People with money don't need to mention what things cost, nor do they appear to care.

Be well groomed - you don't have to have a $200.00 hair cut - try hair dressing schools - you can get a great cut for pennies.

Make up should be kept to a minimum - unless you are an expert in putting on makeup. Too much makes you look desperate!

Having said that, I am sure i am betraying my age by writing this but, as i said before, class cannot be bought - you either have it or you don't!

Think of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn - now that's class!!
(ps - i just read some comments of an article where people were criticising the author who recommended dressing well for an interview - most of them thought that what they looked like shouldn't matter. I think they forget that the first impression is STILL the most important. Most people do not have the time or inclination to dig deeper and chances may be lost because your visual impression did not reflect your real worth.)

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