Jun 30, 2009

Foods I miss - from my childhood....


Bovril!!! This is a beef extract that can be used to make a broth or else on buttered toast. YUMMEEE..I think there is something similar that is vegetarian called Vegemite which is also yeast based but Bovril is the best.

Kinnie! This is an acquired taste...
in Italy you can get something similar
called chinotto - but not the same!
Kinnie is made of a blend of herbs and citrus.

Twistees! Great cheesy
Snacks - I guess you could
compare them to cheetos
but they are unique!

Pastizzi! made with ricotta cheese filling or peas. Also can be found in some parts of Canada and Australia - UNIQUE! They are called cheesecakes but have no resemblance to cheesecake as you would know it!

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