Jun 2, 2009

Feather and Fan Stitch

In the Feather and Fan stitch, the increase is a basic, open Yarn Over (YO) and the decrease is simply knitting two stitches together (k2tog).

The patterns in lace are created by the location of the decrease in relation to the increase, as well as the type of decrease used.

Cast on any amount (divisible by 18) plus any amount for border.
Keep these border stitches in Knit Only (both sides).
Work 8 rows of knit only at the beginning and ending of your piece.

Row 1: Knit to end of row
Row 2: Purl to end of row
Row 3: K2tog 3 times, (YO, K1) 6 times, K2tog 3 times, repeat across the row
Row 4: Knit to end of row

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern. Work until desired length. End by working 8 rows Knit

Variations of the Feather and Fan work with multiples of 18 plus 1 and multiples of 18 plus 2, adding the stitches at the beginning and end of Row 3.

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