Jun 13, 2009

Crazy Tourists

Some crazy things people ask when booking a vacation:

q: could you request good weather when i am on vacation

me: Ill put in a request

q: oh thanks!


q: i will only go on vacation if there are at least 5 girls to every guy



me: how many people will be travelling?

q: myself and any female who will come with me


q: i am worried that my 6 month old baby will drink the bath water.

me: eh?

q: she bathes alone....

(and these people have kids???)


q: how do i get to the bahamas?

me: we have a charter...

q: I live in florida, can i row my boat there??

me:(speechless..and i cant publish my thought there!)


q: i just came back from france and didnt like it..

me: im sorry..what was the problem?

q: it was full of foreigners



q: do you know if there are any undiscovered ruins in cancun?

me: speechless


q: could you ensure that I will understand the Tunisians?

me: do you speak arabic or french

q: no

me: well i am sure someone will speak english

q: that's ok I will speak canadian



q: we weren't allowed on the plane!

me: oh no what happened

q: well, my passport expired so i took a copy of it and a letter explaining that i forgot to renew it...

me: hmm and that didnt work?

q: no - they were very inconsiderate

(yes, you'd be too stupid to be a terrorist!)



1 comment:

Glynis said...

Oh my I am still giggling!

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