May 28, 2009

Customize a T Shirt

This is an easy way to customize a child's T shirt without needing any special talent!

The shirts I use are 100% cotton that have been pre washed.

What you need:
A cotton T shirt
Cold water dye
Elastic Bands
Iron on transfers
Iron on sparkles/diamonds/etc

What you do:
Make sure the T shirt is wet - squeeze out extra water.

Use the elastic bads to tie up the wet t shirt randomly - for example lots of ties on the top and bottom and none in the middle or vice versa.

Dye as per instructions on the dye you bought - but leave for half the time so that the colour will look 'faded"

Rinse and dry.

Iron on the transfer and the sparkles...

You now have a 'vintage' T shirt!!

If you dont have dye, you can actually use TEA - brew some VERY strong tea and use instead of the dye.

You will get a faded brownish colour that really looks unique!

Happy crafting!

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